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Kirk Simoneau

Kirk Simoneau

Known for always wearing red sneakers and a seemingly carefree demeanor, Kirk came to the practice of law for very specific and serious reasons. In 2003, he was the sole eyewitness to a hit-and-run drunk driver killing his pedestrian fatherUnhappy with how the legal system treated his family as just the “next case” on the docket, Kirk became a lawyer to help those harmed, as his family was harmed, with personal understanding and caringBecause of his family’s experience, Kirk treats every client, especially those other lawyers think of as high need, like people not “cases.”  That approach has led to a bunch of Super Lawyer and Best Lawyer recognitions in Civil Rights and Personal Injury law and even more happy clientsOh, and the red sneakersYou gotta ask. 

Guest Appearances
August 24, 2023

#462: Designing an Empathetic Client Experience, with Kirk Simoneau

Kirk Simoneau joins Sara to explore client experience design and accessibility. Sharing his journey from trauma survivor to lawyer, Kirk emphasizes the importance of understanding the client’s perspective and creating a personalized...