Kenton Brice

Kenton Brice

Kenton Brice joined the law library in 2015 as its first digital resources librarian. In addition to teaching legal research in the Legal Research, Writing, and Advocacy Program, he also assisted in administering the Digital Initiative at the College of Law. Now, as the Director of Technology Innovation, he is instrumental in leading OU Law’s technology efforts, building on the college’s reputation as a national leader in legal technology education.

Prior to joining the College of Law, Kenton practiced as an associate attorney with Christman Kelley & Clarke, PC in Highland Village, Texas, where he gained extensive experience in courtrooms and the boardroom, handling various litigation and transaction matters for the firm. In addition to his legal work, he administered the firm’s technology to enhance the firm’s efficiency in all aspects of professional and legal work. Kenton brings his professional and technical experiences to the College of Law to help educate students on how to utilize technology to become more effective researchers, lawyers, and professionals.

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Guest Appearances
June 16, 2022

Professor Kenton Brice on Training the Next Generation of Lawyers and the Future of Legal Tech

Today’s law students grew up side by side with technology and typically view it as an integral part of their lives and futures as lawyers. As such, today’s law schools are working...

February 28, 2020

ABA TECHSHOW 2020: Seeing is Believing – Virtual Reality Preparedness

Matthew Stubenberg and Kenton Brice discuss their presentation ‘Seeing is Believing: Virtual Reality Preparedness’ and the impact VR can have for the legal industry.

February 28, 2019

ABA TECHSHOW 2019: All About Drones: Legal, Practical, and Educational Applications

Kenton Brice and Russ Cochran talk about the laws and requirements for flying a drone in the US.