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Kenneth P. Nolan

Kenneth P. Nolan

Kenneth P. Nolan is an attorney at Speiser Krause specializing in aviation personal injury and wrongful death litigation and trials.  He has represented families in major aviation tragedies, as well as approximately 125 victims of the September 11th terrorist attacks before the Victim Compensation Board. He has also been named a Super Lawyer which means he is recognized by his peers, including adversaries, as one of the top attorneys in his field. Ken has authored over 50 articles in The New York Times, as well as other publications, including The ABA Journal and The DePaul Law Review. He is the author of “A Streetwise Guide to Litigation”, which provides a practical approach to life and law involving all aspects of litigation from attracting business to trying a case.

Guest Appearances
September 20, 2022

ADR and the Professional Responsibility of Lawyers

Experts and companies often see alternative dispute resolution as a sensible, cost effective way to resolve matters out of court. For all of those purported efficiencies for businesses, individual plaintiffs and their...