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Kelly Griffith

Kelly Griffith

Kelly Griffithis a Senior Legal Editor responsible for e-discovery resources available through Thomson Reuters’ Practical Law service. Practical Law has become a leader in providing comprehensive and concise resources to attorneys in all areas of legal practice, and Kelly focuses her time on developing and maintaining resources related to the handling of electronically-stored information. Prior to joining Practical Law, Kelly spent 10 years as a general civil litigator and two years as e-discovery Counsel and Director of Litigation Support for a regional law firm. During her tenure as a litigator and e-discovery Counsel, Kelly handled e-discovery in a variety of cases, from small state court actions to large, multi-state federal class actions.

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June 30, 2017

Why Litigators Should Take E-Discovery Seriously

In this legal podcast, Kelly Griffith talks about the relevance of e-discovery and how it has changed since she entered the industry.