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Katherine Jeffery

Katherine Jeffery

Katherine Jeffery, PhD – is a generational strategist and business consultant. Her firm specializes in developing business strategies that help organizations navigate generational complexities as five generations work side-by-side in the workforce—improving culture, inclusivity, and performance. Katherine has spent over 20 years studying human behavior and working with the Millennial generation, focusing her doctoral research on their view of leadership and teams. As a consultant, she has worked with leading global companies across a wide range of industries, helping them innovate and transform culture and develop strong, cohesive teams. An entrepreneur and agent of change at heart, she is also the CMO and Co-Founder of MADE FREE, a social enterprise that designs and manufactures products to help address extreme poverty, human trafficking and promote ethical jobs.  

Guest Appearances
September 14, 2023

#466: Navigating Generational Differences in the Workplace, with Katherine Jeffrey

Be honest! Have you ever muttered or thought someone was being “such a Millennial” or “ok, Boomer!” Yes? Then, this episode is for you as Stephanie dives into generational differences with Katherine...