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Justine Humenansky

Justine Humenansky

Justine Humenansky is Head of Strategy, Business Development, and Metagovernance at RabbitHole, an early stage crypto startup paving the way for users to become contributors in web3. She has worked on crypto initiatives with Blockchain at Berkeley, the World Economic Forum, Stanford’s Future of Digital Currency Initiative, the United Nations and SamsungNext. She is an active contributor to several DAOs including Komorebi Collective. She was formerly a venture investor with Playground Global, an equity research analyst at Barclays, and a professional ballerina. She is a CFA charterholder and completed her MBA at UC Berkeley.

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April 21, 2022

#379: What Does Web3 Mean (For My Practice?), with Justine Humenansky

In this episode, Zack talks with Justine Humenansky, the CFO at Rabbithole.gg, about Web3, DAOs, and how interested lawyers might participate in these conversations and communities. Justine brings her background in researching...