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Justie Nicol

Justie Nicol

You have several cases throughout the Front Range? Let me help on all of them! You live in a rural area in Colorado? No problem! Justie travels to legal clients throughout nearly a quarter of the state of Colorado. You’re not sure what category of law you need help with? No big deal! Justie practices criminal defense on a number of different types of cases. She sought out experience in many different legal practice areas in order to prepare for solo practice at her own law firm. She also have a large network of attorneys to whom she can refer cases. You wonder if a law firm is a reputable business? She has Accounting and Political Science degrees through the Honors Program at Colorado State University, so she knows what it takes to run her own business. Founding Nicol Gersch Law Offices, LLC has been a long-term business plan for her for decades. Nicol Gersch Law PC emphasizes that no two cases are the same. Each case will receive personalized attention and zealous advocacy from her team.

Guest Appearances
October 17, 2019

#246: Small Firm Profile, with Justie Nicol

Justie Nicol talks about her transition from a solo to small firm, KPI’s, and her Harry Potter-style House Cup system.