Judge Robert Hilliard

Judge Robert Hilliard

Judge Robert Hilliard is a county judge with the First Judicial Circuit of Florida. Prior to residing on the bench, his Honor began his legal career in the computer industry where he had worked for 20 years before becoming a member of the Bar. Through his volunteer work, Judge Hilliard calls upon his experiences to improve the practice of law and the judiciary through use of technology.

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Guest Appearances
June 15, 2020

The Science of Working From Home

The Florida Bar Podcast welcomes Judge Robert Hilliard, Rebecca Bandy, and Jack Newton to explore their perspectives on the legal profession’s shift to remote work during the pandemic.

February 25, 2015

Judge Robert Hilliard on Technology in the Court, Access to Public Records, and the Paperless Docket

The State of Florida takes access to public records very seriously, but it also prioritizes the privacy of its citizens. Through sustained efforts and the use of technology, Florida is finding ways...