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Josie Beets

Josie Beets

Josie Beets is President of the Military Spouse JD Network (MSJDN), a bar association for military spouses who are lawyers. MSJDN advocates for law licensing accommodations for military spouses. Josie has lived in Louisiana, Tennessee, and Virginia with her active duty Army spouse and has worked for two state bar associations, the US Army, a rural legal aid practice, a district court judge, and the executive branch of the US government. She was once featured in People Magazine for her post-Katrina criminal justice volunteer work.

Guest Appearances
April 12, 2017

#115: Why Military Spouses Shouldn’t Have to Keep Taking the Bar Exam, with Josie Beets

Josie Beets explains why military spouses who are lawyers should be able to get a license to practice law without taking the bar exam over and over again.