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Joshua Browder

Joshua Browder

Joshua Browder is the founder of DoNotPay, the first chatbot that allows motorists to appeal their parking tickets automatically. Since its launch, the site has attracted over 175,000 successful users and, according to Browder, saved UK and New York motorists an estimated $5 million. Browder also plans on expanding DoNotPay into the UK’s first ‘robot lawyer’. Browder is currently a student at Stanford University. Also widely known for his human rights work, Browder worked with an Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, David J. Kramer, to bypass Chinese censorship and make the Freedom of the World Report available in 155 countries. The app has been downloaded 17,000 times and is regularly used by members of Congress and the media. Browder has described mobile apps as the “new technology” for fighting for human rights. As an International Bridges to Justice Youth Fellow, he created an app to educate lawyers in Burundi, Cameroon and Ghana how to effectively defend economically disadvantaged clients. He is also a contributor to Washington D.C political newspaper The Hill, where he writes about civil rights and the death penalty.

Guest Appearances
July 5, 2017

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