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Josh Poje

Josh Poje

Josh Poje is the director of the Law Practice & Technology Group at American Bar Association where he leads a team that includes the Law Student Division, Young Lawyers Division, Law Practice Division, Senior Lawyers Division, and the Career Center. They provide essential resources and support to every lawyer regardless of practice area, setting, or career stage. Previously, Josh was the director of the ABA’s Legal Technology Resource Center, where he provided technology and practice management guidance to attorneys throughout the country. He is the editor of the annual ABA Legal Technology Survey Report and a frequent speaker and writer on legal technology topics.

Guest Appearances
March 16, 2018

The Law Practice Division at ABA TECHSHOW

Josh Poje and Zachary Bambacht talk about ABA TECHSHOW 2018 from a Law Practice Division perspective.

November 11, 2014

ABA Law Practice Division: Rodney Dowell and Josh Poje on the Legal Technology Resource Center

New Solo host Adriana Linares interviews Rodney Dowell and Josh Poje at the 2014 American Bar Association Law Practice Division Fall Meeting. Poje, Director of the Legal Technology Resource Center (LTRC), discusses...