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Josh Block

Josh Block

Josh Block is the executive producer for video and audio at Bloomberg Industry Group, where he oversees production of videos and podcasts for Bloomberg Law, Bloomberg Tax, and Bloomberg Government. Block began his career producing television interviews for Charlie Rose on PBS. After that, he joined the staff of Late Show with David Letterman, where he prepared David Letterman for his guest interviews. Block has contributed to award-winning programs at HBO, PBS, ESPN and WNYC. In 2005 he left production for law school, and joined Bloomberg Law after graduation. In 2014, he was named executive producer for digital at Bloomberg Industry Group, and since 2019 he has overseen both videos and podcasts for Bloomberg Industry’s news division, including UnCommon Law, a storytelling podcast that explores law, policy, and issues facing the legal industry.

Guest Appearances
January 24, 2022

Do We Really Need the Bar Exam?

Josh Block and Adam Allington offer insights on the arguments for and against continuing the bar exam in its current format.