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Jonathan Blazer

Jonathan Blazer

Jonathan Blazer is the American Civil Liberties Union’s advocacy and policy counsel. As the ACLU’s advocacy and policy counsel, Jon tracks developments in state and local measures concerning immigrants as well as police practices and supports the legislative advocacy efforts of ACLU staff across the country. For seven years prior to joining ACLU, Jon worked with the National Immigration Law Center as a policy attorney and project manager and national coordinator of the American Friends Service Committee’s immigrant rights initiative. He also worked for six years as a legal services attorney in Philadelphia, where he specialized in public benefits law and founded the Language Access Project of Community Legal Services. He is based in San Francisco and works for ACLU’s National Political Advocacy Department.

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Guest Appearances
February 3, 2017

The Great Debate over Sanctuary Cities

ACLU advocacy and policy counsel and FAIR director of research debate and discuss immigration reform and the status of sanctuary cities under Trump.