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Jon Kung

Jon Kung

Meet Jon Kung (he/they), the celebrated Chinese American chef and content creator with 2 million online followers. Formerly trained in law, they pivoted to the culinary world, launching the successful Kung Food Market Studio in Detroit. When the pandemic hit, they transitioned to social media, sharing entertaining yet instructive cooking videos that blend traditional Chinese techniques with global flavors. Alongside renowned drag queen Kim Chi, they co-host the popular podcast 1 For The Table. Their debut cookbook, Kung Food: Chinese American Recipes from a Third Culture Kitchen, is a testament to their culinary prowess.

Guest Appearances
November 8, 2023

Law grad turns culinary passion into TikTok fame and a brand new cookbook

Like many others, Jon Kung figured law school would be a safe harbor to weather the storms of the Great Recession. But after graduating in 2011, Kung changed course, becoming established in...