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Jolene Park

Jolene Park

Jolene Park is the founder of Healthy Discoveries — a corporate wellness company that provides coaching and training programs for high achieving business professionals who struggle with anxiety, stress and are rethinking their drinking. She provides inspirational and empowering approaches for purpose-driven companies and business professionals to create a healthy body, mind and spirit in order to build a deeper internal zone of resilience and well-being. Jolene is a functional nutritionist, health coach and trauma-informed yoga instructor. She is the co-host of “Editing Our Drinking & Our Lives” podcast — an honest conversation about breaking the stigma and shame around quitting drinking. In 2017 she gave a TEDx talk in Denver, Colorado about gray area drinking and how to nourish your nervous system in a consistent and comprehensive way. Jolene is a Colorado native. She is the fifth generation raised on her family’s Centennial farm in Northeast Colorado and currently lives in Denver.
Guest Appearances
March 26, 2018

How firms can encourage mental, emotional and physical fitness

Wellness is not just about eating health food and exercising. Hear from Jolene Park, founder of Healthy Discoveries, a corporate wellness company.