Johanna White

Johanna White

Johanna White is an award-winning graphic designer and visual branding strategist, renowned for crafting premium brand identities that leave a lasting impact. As the founder of Design By Jo Studio, she firmly believes that those who excel in their field deserve a visual presence that reflects their expertise. Over the past decade, Johanna has collaborated with individuals and Fortune 200 companies worldwide, helping them attract dream opportunities, clients, and investors, while exuding an air of exclusivity.

Johanna’s tenacity knows no bounds, as evidenced by her remarkable journey of starting three companies in a single year, all while battling a brain tumor. In the face of well-meaning advice to step away from work and rely on social security for medical expenses, she defied the odds and embraced her entrepreneurial spirit. Today, Johanna stands as a “Dreamer Extraordinaire,” empowering high achievers, industry leaders, and organizations to amplify their impact.

With a specialization in end-to-end premium brand identity design, Johanna provides comprehensive branding packages that encompass every aspect necessary to present oneself authentically. Presently, she is dedicated to guiding ambitious founders in capturing their individuality, elevating their legacy, and embracing their boundless potential.

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May 29, 2023

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