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Joey Coleman

Joey Coleman

Joey Coleman helps companies keep their customers and employees. As an 

award-winning speaker, he shares his First 100 Days® methodology for 

improving customer and employee retention with organizations around the 

world (e.g., Whirlpool, Volkswagen Australia, and Zappos). His Wall Street 

Journal #2 best selling book, Never Lose a Customer Again, shows how to turn 

any sale into a lifelong customer and his upcoming book, Never Lose an 

Employee Again, details a framework companies around the world can use to 

reduce turnover and increase employee engagement. 

Guest Appearances
July 13, 2023

#454: Act with Intention to Increase Employee Retention, with Joey Coleman

Stephanie and Joey Coleman, author of Never Lose an Employee Again: The Simple Path to Remarkable Retention, explore the crucial role the employee experience plays in creating a happy and engaged team.  ...

March 7, 2018

#162: Designing Your Clients’ Experience, with Joey Coleman

In this episode with Joey Coleman, we talk about what client experience really is and why it’s important—especially during the first 100 days.