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Joel Cohen

Joel Cohen

Joel Cohen practices law at Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP in New York. He represents individuals and corporations in white-collar criminal investigations and prosecutions and in internal investigations, regulatory and enforcement matters. Before practicing at Stroock, he was a New York State and then a U.S. Justice Department prosecutor for ten years concentrating on prosecuting public officials and organized crime figures. For 31 years, Mr. Cohen has been a regular contributor and now a columnist on criminal law and ethics for the New York Law Journal. He frequently writes and lectures (to judges, lawyers and laypeople) on those subjects and is regularly published in the The Hill and Huffington Post, among others.  He moderates a monthly dialogue between Retired Judge Richard Posner and Judge Jed Rakoff for Slate. Mr. Cohen is also an Adjunct Professor at Fordham Law School, where he has taught Professional Responsibility and currently teaches a class on “How Judges Decide.” He is the author of two books of non-fiction: Blindfolds Off: Judges on How They Decide (ABA Publ., 2014), in which he interviewed 13 federal judges about their important cases and decision making, and Broken Scales: Reflections on Injustice (ABA Publ. 2017), examining injustice through the eyes of a single participant in ten separate cases. Mr. Cohen also authored Truth Be Veiled (Coffeetown Press, 2010), a novel that addresses the criminal lawyer’s ethical dilemmas in dealing with truth, and has published three works of Biblical fiction, including Moses: A Memoir (Paulist Press, 2003).

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Guest Appearances
June 6, 2018

The Peaking Beneath the Blindfold Edition

Joel Cohen discusses what motivates judges to make the decisions they make and how injustices in our legal system can come to define our society.