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Jodi Ettenberg

Jodi Ettenberg

For a decade, Jodi traveled the world as a writer, photographer, and public speaker. Her website, Legal Nomads, told the stories of places she visited, often through food. A celiac, Jodi’s guides and translation cards have helped many others with food restrictions eat safely around the world. When a spinal tap left her disabled in 2017, she continued to share with her community, tackling tough topics like chronic pain, grief, and loss. Jodi is also the author of The Food Traveler’s Handbook and intends to start her own podcast in early 2021. Prior to founding Legal Nomads, Jodi worked as a lawyer in New York City for 5 years.

Guest Appearances
December 25, 2020

Taking a Different Path-Leaving the Law and Finding your Passion

Host Craig Willliams and former lawyer turned world traveler Jodi Ettenberg discuss her departure from the law and the importance of following your passion.