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Joanne Doroshow

Joanne Doroshow

Joanne Doroshow is the founder executive director the Center for Justice & Democracy and cofounder of Americans for Insurance Reform (AIR). She is also an adjunct professor at New York Law School where she teaches “Civil Justice & National Advocacy.” An attorney, Doroshow has worked on civil justice issues since 1986 when she directed an insurance industry and liability project for Ralph Nader. Together, they developed some of the first educational materials used to fight “tort reform” around the country.

Doroshow founded CJ&D in 1998, and as executive director, she has testified before Congress and numerous state legislatures. She has written or co-authored studies and white papers on civil justice and insurance issues for both CJ&D and AIR. She has appeared on national television and radio programs and is regularly quoted in newspapers nationwide.

Doroshow has film and television production experience as well. She was a producer of the 1992 Academy Award-winning documentary The Panama Deception and has worked on the theatrical, broadcast, and film distribution.

The Center for Justice & Democracy is the only national consumer organization in the exclusively dedicated to protecting our civil justice system. Full bio available online here.

Guest Appearances
May 31, 2022

Workers’ Comp and COVID: An American Failure

Guest Joanne Doroshow explains how Workers’ Comp and OSHA failed front-line workers in the COVID pandemic.