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Joanna Schwartz

Joanna Schwartz

Joanna Schwartz, Professor of Law at UCLA School of Law and Faculty Director of the David J. Epstein Program in Public Interest Law and Policy, is a distinguished expert in police misconduct litigation. Recognized with UCLA’s Distinguished Teaching Award in 2015, she has served as Vice Dean for Faculty Development from 2017-2019. Author of Shielded: How the Police Became Untouchable (2023), Professor Schwartz’s extensive scholarship, featured in top law journals, explores topics such as qualified immunity doctrine justifications, the financial impact of settlements on law enforcement budgets, and regional variations in civil rights protections. A media contributor and co-author of the leading casebook Civil Procedure (11th Edition), she also brings real-world experience from her clerkships and legal practice. More about her research can be found at joannaschwartz.net.

Guest Appearances
November 21, 2023

How Did the Police Become Untouchable? With Joanna Schwartz

Before killing George Floyd, Officer Devin Chauvin had at least 18 misconduct complaints lodged against him. Despite this history, Chauvin was elevated to training new officers. How could this happen?  UCLA Law...