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Jeffrey Joseph

Jeffrey Joseph

During his 30 years as a mediator and arbitrator, Jeff Joseph has handled over 3,000 cases and his ADR and legal experience spans over 40 years. Prior to becoming a full-time neutral, Jeff was a trial lawyer for 25 years. For 15 of those years Jeff served as a Deputy Chief Counsel for the State Department of Transportation supervising 17 lawyers and making all the trial/settlement decisions for every tort case in the office. Additionally, he served as Associate Dean and General Counsel at Thomas Jefferson School of Law for 6 years and was an Adjunct Professor for 20 years teaching 8 different law school courses.

While in practice, Jeff tried million dollar tort and real property cases. He wrote, negotiated or reviewed business, real estate and employment contracts. Jeff was responsible for compliance with Employment Law for over 2,000 state employees in San Diego, Orange, Riverside and Imperial Counties and, later, law school employees and students. He sat on Boards of Review in highway construction cases and litigated construction contract claims. He was responsible for compliance with Environmental Law including CEQA and NEPA. Due to his time at Caltrans and the Law School, Jeff is also an expert on Government Law and Education Law.

As a neutral, Jeff uses his broad range of experience to successfully resolve a wide variety of disputes. “I help people engage in risk management. I identify the risks and key elements to help each party evaluate how best to settle their case,” states Jeff. He is known for getting to the heart of complex matters and has an empathetic approach with each party, thereby ensuring each party knows he genuinely understands their position and concerns.

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