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Jeff Kosseff

Jeff Kosseff

Jeff Kosseff, an associate professor of cybersecurity law at the United States Naval Academy, boasts a prolific career as a legal scholar and author with a keen focus on the intersections of law, technology, and free speech. His upcoming book, “Liar in a Crowded Theater: Freedom of Speech in a World of Misinformation,” to be released in fall 2023 by Johns Hopkins University Press, delves into safeguarding legal protections for false speech. Notably, Kosseff’s earlier works, including “The United States of Anonymous: How the First Amendment Shaped Online Speech” (2022) and “The Twenty-Six Words That Created the Internet,” explore the evolution of online speech under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. As a former practitioner at Covington & Burling, Kosseff draws from a wealth of experience in cybersecurity, privacy, and First Amendment law. With a J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center and a background in technology and political journalism, Kosseff’s research interests encompass cybersecurity regulation, online intermediary liability, and the law of armed conflict in cyberspace.

Guest Appearances
October 17, 2023

Are Lies and Liars Protected by the First Amendment? with Jeff Kosseff

Professor Jeff Kosseff, author of “Liar in a Crowded Theater: Freedom of Speech in a World of Misinformation” examines and defends constitutional protection for false speech. “It’s the listener and the reader...