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Jay Ruane

Jay Ruane

Jay Ruane is a serial legal entrepreneur and law firm managing partner with over 20 years of running profitable law firms with multiple 6 and 7 figure practice groups. Jay is an author of the Amazon® best seller law practice management book “Tiger Tactics” and a frequent speaker on the topics of law firm management, systems and digital marketing. He is also the CEO of FirmFlex, a social media marketing agency for attorneys, leader of The Criminal Mastermind, a twice monthly mastermind for Criminal Defense Lawyers and curator of the Systemizing Your Law Firm for Growth group on Facebook.

Guest Appearances
June 2, 2022

#387: Change Your Law Firm (and Your Life) with Systems, with Jay Ruane

In this episode, Stephanie talks with serial legal entrepreneur Jay Ruane about integrating law firm systems and getting your team on board. In addition to integrating systems, learn how systems have...