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Jason Strong

Jason Strong

Jason Strong was 24 in Dec of 1999, when his world was torn apart through wrongful conviction. He spent the next 15 1/2 years fighting to prove his innocence, acting as his own attorney for a large portion of that time, until he secured the assistance of an amazing legal team. In May of 2015 his conviction was vacated, and he was free to go home. A year later he was granted a certificate of innocence from the courts, clearing him completely. Since his release, Mr. Strong has done many things of note. He has given numerous talks at places like Northwestern’s Bluhm Legal Clinic, the University of Illinois in Springfield, the Police Training Institute in Champaign, Illinois, Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Stetson University in Florida, Innocence Network Conferences, and more. He’s been on various podcasts and radio spots, including the podcasts “Wrongful Convictions with Jason Flom” and “PI’s Declassified with Francie Koehler”. He’s the wrongful conviction consultant on the new FOX legal drama “Proven Innocent”. He’s produced, directed, and edited multiple episodes of a local cable access music show, and a short film which he was also in. He’s hosted an event he put together for Wrongful Conviction Day, served on a number of committees for the Innocence Network, is on the advisory council for the Tennessee Innocence Project, has been asked to present an award at the annual event for the Illinois Innocence Project, and much more. He is also writing a book, two movies, and filming a documentary.

Guest Appearances
February 22, 2019

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FOX's "Proven Innocent" creator David Elliot, California Innocence Project managing attorney Michael Semanchik, and real-life exoneree Jason Strong, talk about wrongful convictions and the inspiration behind the new show.