Jason Hennessey

Jason Hennessey

Jason Hennessey is the founder and CEO of Hennessey Digital and an internationally recognized SEO expert, author, speaker, and business leader. He literally “wrote the book” on law firm SEO. The book is called “Law Firm SEO.”    

Hennessey grew up on Long Island, New York and served four years in the Air Force after high school. But he quickly realized he is a driven entrepreneur. He founded and sold his first businesses, including Vegasweddingmall.com and Everspark. And in 2015, he moved to California and founded what is now Hennessey Digital, which has grown to become a $10 million+ business with more than 100 team members. Hennessey Digital offers a suite of marketing services including Web Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Creative Services, Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising, Conversion Rate Optimization, Law Firm Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Content Marketing, and Law Firm SEO.

Guest Appearances
February 22, 2022

Getting Seen, Getting Heard, Getting Hired In the Digital Jungle

Guest Jason Hennessey wrote the book on law firm SEO (it’s called “Law Firm SEO”). Join our deep dive into digital marketing, Google search algorithms, and client acquisition.