Jason Bloom

Jason Bloom

Jason Bloom, the founder and President of Bloom Strategic Consulting, Inc. has been a jury consultant for over 20 years. He received a Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology from John Jay College, City University of New York in Manhattan, where he studied the psychology of jury decision-making and judgment. Since then, he has been an active jury consultant nationwide. His practice has concentrated on civil litigation in many areas of the law.

Mr. Bloom is a frequent author and international speaker on trial advocacy and courtroom psychology. Additionally, he has appeared on CNN’s Paula Zahn Show, has been quoted in prominent newspapers, and has made regular appearances on radio stations around the country to discuss jury trials in the news, including the Lay/Skilling criminal trial (TX), the Vioxx civil trials (TX, NJ), the Scott Peterson criminal trial (CA), the Micheal Jackson criminal trial (CA), the Kobe Bryant case (CO), the Gov. George Ryan criminal trial (IL), and the Andrea Yates criminal trial (TX).

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