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Jasmine Jowers Prout

Jasmine Jowers Prout

Jasmine Jowers Prout, The Gober Group’s Director of Operations, is a well-versed business operations administrator with experience in local and federal government, religious organizations, and legal services.

She has spearheaded organizational shifts that would ensure the empowerment and accountability of team members at all levels, consolidating and upgrading systems and technology, and revamping client and guest experiences; therefore, increasing productivity and effectiveness. Jasmine is committed to high quality, principles, and performance.

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October 27, 2022

#414: Why You Need an Integrator, with Jasmine Prout

What is an integrator? What does an integrator do? Does your team need one?  Sara Muender talks with Jasmine Jowers Prout, Operations Director of The Gober Group, about the importance of having...