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Jared Vishney

Jared Vishney

Jared Vishney is the founder and CEO of the medical record retrieval technology company Arctrieval, founded 14 years ago, which helps attorneys and their clients retrieve vital medical records from providers.

Vishney has a history of leading product marketing, product management, and business development at startup and Fortune 500 organizations. He has a record of guiding cross-functional teams to conceive, develop, and deliver innovative business solutions, drive market adoption, and generate revenue. He has a background in applying technology to meld market opportunities and tech to solve real-world problems.

Vishney earned his bachelor’s degree at UCLA and speaks fluent German.

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December 19, 2023

Fighting The “HIPAA Police,” Accessing Your Client’s Medical Records

HIPAA rules were designed to protect patients. But uncertainty and red tape can hamper your client’s access to records for workplace injuries.