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James Salzman

James Salzman

James Salzman is one of the world’s leading environmental theorists. He is the Donald Bren Distinguished Professor of Environmental Law with joint appointments at the UCLA School of Law and at the School of the Environment at UC Santa Barbara. An international expert on drinking water, he frequently appears as a media commentator and has lectured on every continent except Antarctica. In nine books and more than ninety articles and book chapters, his broad-ranging scholarship addresses topics ranging from water to wildlife, from climate change to creating markets for ecosystems. His previous book is Drinking Water: A History.

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Guest Appearances
May 20, 2021

#329: How Ownership Controls Our Lives, with Michael Heller & James Salzman

Authors and professors, Michael Heller & James Salzman, talk to us about the rules of ownership in our lives and what role lawyers play in all this.