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James Matthews

James Matthews

James Matthews is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Law at Suffolk University Law School and the Faculty Director of Suffolk’s Accelerator-to-Practice Program. The Accelerator-to-Practice Program (“A2P”) is a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive, multi-year course of study and practice designed to prepare graduates for small and solo practice. Professor Matthews manages the program’s in-house clinic (the Accelerator Practice) where he supervises students in fee-shifting housing cases. The Accelerator Practice includes a year-long seminar, where students learn traditional lawyering skills and that also covers topics related to the business, marketing, and technological aspects of operating a small law office.

Guest Appearances
June 22, 2023

#451: Teaching the Business of Law, with Andrew Garcia and James Matthews

Professors Andrew Garcia and James Matthews discuss Suffolk University Law School’s Accelerator to Practice program. Designed to prepare students for small and solo practice, students partnered with small law firm owners in...