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James L. Gibson

James L. Gibson

James L. Gibson earned his BA in political science from Emory University in 1972 (with highest honors, and membership in Phi Beta Kappa), and his PhD in 1975, from the University of Iowa. After teaching at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and the University of Houston, Gibson became the Sidney W. Souers Professor of Government at Washington University in St. Louis in 1999. He is also professor of African and African American Studies and Director of the Program on Citizenship and Democratic Values at the Weidenbaum Center on the Economy, Government, and Public Policy. In South Africa, he holds the position of Professor Extraordinary in Political Science at Stellenbosch University. ​Professor Gibson’s research interests are in Law and Politics, Comparative Politics, and American Politics.

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Guest Appearances
January 12, 2022

Outcomes in state supreme courts aren’t as simple as Blue vs. Red

James L. Gibson and Michael J. Nelson discuss their research into the impact state supreme courts have on civil rights.