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James Brosnahan

James Brosnahan

James Brosnahan’s academic journey led him through Boston College and Harvard Law School. With over six decades devoted to the practice of law, he spent five years as a distinguished Federal Prosecutor, followed by an impressive 55-year tenure in private practice. Notably, he invested 47 of those years at the esteemed law firm of Morrison Foerster. A testament to his multifaceted career, he embraced the role of Senior of Counsel for three years, a period during which he also penned his captivating memoir.

Beyond his legal prowess in the courtroom, Mr. Brosnahan dedicated a decade to nurturing minds at Berkeley Law, enriching young legal intellects. His passion for education endures, as he remains a captivating lecturer on matters of law and the Supreme Court. In addition to his legal pursuits, he uncovers his artistic inclination as a Plein Air painter.

Nestled in Berkeley, California, he shares his abode with his cherished partner of 64 years, the esteemed Honorable Carol Brosnahan.

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August 9, 2023

Trial lawyer’s tales include wins, losses and international intrigue

The year was 1961. Freshly minted attorney James J. Brosnahan had been on the job as a federal prosecutor in Phoenix for two days when he was handed his first trial: a...