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Jacob Cohen

Jacob Cohen

Jacob Cohen is an associate attorney at The Rainwater Firm in Houston, Texas. Jacob has been practicing family law since graduating from South Texas College of Law in 2011. After graduation, he joined the Law Office of Robert S. Hoffman, P.L.L.C., as an associate attorney. During his time with Mr. Hoffman, he sat second chair in jury trials and binding arbitrations. He attended, defended, and took numerous depositions, as well as represented clients at mediations and ancillary hearings.

In February of 2018, Jacob joined the newly created Rainwater Firm. Jacob’s strengths include advocating the best interests of children and working on cases with complex property issues and highly contentious child custody matters.

Jacob is a native Houstonian, a seventh-generation Texan, and a second-generation Harris County family law attorney. He is committed to working through challenges with his clients to obtain swift and just resolutions.

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