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Ian Nelson

Ian Nelson

Ian Nelson is the co-founder of Hotshot, which provides on-demand video training for lawyers and law students in 200 topic areas. Before founding Hotshot with Chris Wedgeworth, the two helped build and grow Practical Law Company in the United States. Nelson was head of marketing at Practical Law before and after Thomson Reuters acquired it in 2013.

Nelson practiced corporate law in New York and London after graduation from Hofstra Law, where he served as editor of the Hofstra Law Review. He has an MBA from NYU Stern School Business and a bachelor’s degree in English and journalism from the University of Delaware.

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Guest Appearances
August 19, 2020

Hotshot: 21st Century Training for New Lawyers and Law Students

Ralph Baxter hosts Hotshot co-founder Ian Nelson and Harvard’s Sara Dana and Morrison’s Rick Jenney to discuss how Hotshot’s videos teach practical skills lawyers need.