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Hilary J. Allen

Hilary J. Allen

Hilary J. Allen is a Professor at the American University Washington College of Law. Professor Allen is a nationally recognized expert on financial stability regulation and teaches courses in Banking Law, Securities Regulation, Financial Regulation, Corporate Finance and Business Associations, and has also taught classes on international and comparative financial regulation in Austria and Brazil. In her work, she stresses the importance of financial stability by underlining the human consequences of financial crises, and considers a variety of existing and evolving threats to financial stability.

She is the author of “Driverless Finance: Fintech’s Impact on Financial Stability”.

Guest Appearances
February 9, 2022

Regulate cryptocurrencies and fintech products before it’s too late, urges author

Prof. Allen speaks about the promise and downsides of some "cutting-edge" financial products, and why innovation is not inherently good.