Helgi Maki

Helgi Maki

Helgi Maki, a seasoned consultant and executive coach, works closely with lawyers to enhance their resilience, thereby enriching both their legal practice and overall well-being, leading to heightened client satisfaction.

As the Principal of Generativity Co., she advocates for trauma-informed lawyering, also serving as an editor and co-author of an the book ‘Trauma-Informed Law: A Primer for Lawyer Resilience and Healing’ published by the American Bar Association’s practice management division.

Formerly a partner at a leading national law firm, Helgi holds a law degree from UofT Law School, complemented by a Master’s Degree in public policy. Leveraging her extensive expertise in resilience and trauma, she provides comprehensive training programs for legal professionals. Her insights have graced numerous events hosted by Bar Associations, law schools, and various legal organizations, focusing on crucial themes including trauma, resilience, and human rights.

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October 25, 2023

How reckoning with trauma can help you, your clients and the legal profession

“You can’t think yourself out of trauma,” the introduction to Trauma-Informed Law: A Primer for Lawyer Resilience and Healing warns. “An analytical response is insufficient. As lawyers and law students, we have been trained...