Ginger Gentile

Ginger Gentile

Ginger Gentile is an activist documentary filmmaker dedicated to addressing ignored issues and shedding light on solutions. With her documentary, ERASING FAMILY, which premiered at Lincoln Center in 2019 she exposed the trauma children suffer when a loving parent is erased by the divorce courts, a problem that affects over 22 million families in the US alone. Ginger crowdfunded over $430,000 for the film. For her work in reuniting families, Gentile was named an Architect of Change by Maria Shriver and has given talks at SXSW 2019, the Simply Parent Conference and on numerous podcasts and TV shows.

In her short time serving as the Executive Director of the National Parents Organization she added six new state affiliates and garnered national press attention for the Shared Parenting Report Card. Now, she is directing her fourth documentary (about Ivy League Universities) with Cora Media.

After graduating Columbia University, Ginger lived in Argentina for 13 years where she ran San Telmo Productions, whose clients include Nat Geo, A&E, Warner Bros, and Al Gore’s Climate Challenge. Her feature directing credits include ERASING DAD (Borrando a Papá, 2014) and GOALS FOR GIRLS (Mujeres con Pelotas, 2014) which follows slum girls fighting to play a sport off limits to women in Argentina: soccer. Her narrative short “The Hooker and the Transvestite” won 1st prize in the Filmaka “Hard Times” contest judged by Werner Herzog, Zak Penn and Paul Schrader.

Returning to the US in 2015, the PSA “Erased Mom” she directed staring Bravo TV personality Tamra Judge got more than 300,000 views in a week and was also featured as a story-line on her TV show.

She is a member of Film Fatales, Alliance for Women Directors, Women in Film (which chose her to be part of the Director Mentorship Program) and Directores Argentinos Cinematográficos. Find her on IMDB.

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