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George Hall

George Hall

George Hall is with the law firm of Hull Barrett, PC in Augusta, Georgia. He has an active trial practice with a concentration in personal injury defense and commercial matters. He has tried over 110 cases in his career.  He has also has served as a mediator and arbitrator in over 225 cases since 1997. This experience enables him to provide practical, effective, and efficient legal services to his clients. In particular, George has represented clients and has tried cases in a variety of areas encompassing all types of tort claims, product liability claims, FELA claims, truth-in lending claims, professional malpractice claims, civil rights, lender liability, banking issues and lease and contract disputes.

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July 11, 2016

Premises Liability and Spoliation Claims

Attorney George Hall with the law firm of Hull Barrett, PC in Augusta, Georgia defines a spoliation claim, how to avoid them and how an insurance carrier is potentially impacted. Special thanks...