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George Beilin

George Beilin

Dr. George Beilin is a seasoned licensed psychologist who specializes in the treatment of people with chronic pain, co-existing anxiety and/or depression, assessing attention deficit disorders in adults and, treating children, adolescents adults, couples and families in psychotherapy. He was the chief psychologist for the Lahey Pain Management Center in Danvers, Mass for 5 years and has been leading a free chronic pain support group at Lahey-Beverly Hospital that is now in its 7th year. Beilin has an American Psychological Association Certificate for treating people with mixed substance use/abuse-dependence. He is also on the allied health courtesy staff at Lahey-Beverly Hospital. Beilin has over 50 years of experience with a positive reputation throughout all of Essex County and the Boston area, especially in treating people with chronic pain, co- existing anxiety and/or depression. His new book, “How to Reduce Chronic Pain” is out now.
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February 22, 2018

Dealing with Chronic Pain in the Workplace

George Beilin talks about the different methods of measuring pain and the importance of coping with pain in a healthy way.