Gaston Kroub

Gaston Kroub

Gaston Kroub is a registered patent attorney and founding partner of Kroub, Silbersher & Kolmykov PLLC, a boutique intellectual property law firm in New York City. He is also a principal at Markman Advisors LLC, which services buyside investors concerned about patent litigation. Gaston writes the weekly “Beyond Biglaw” column for Above the Law and “Markman Note” newsletter Prior to that he spent five years as a partner at Greenberg Traurig and Locke Lord.

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Guest Appearances
October 28, 2016

ATL APP 2016: A Level Playing Field? How Boutiques Compete

Carolyn Elefant Gaston Kroub, and Andrew Dick about techniques small law practitioners can use to better compete in the world of large law.

October 9, 2015

ATL APP: First Thing’s First…

For many leaving the big firm to start their own legal practices, certain administrative tasks and overhead expenses can be a big surprise. What used to be automatic and perhaps taken for...