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Gabrielle C. Wilson

Gabrielle C. Wilson

Gabrielle C. Wilson from the law firm Kaye Spiegler, specializes in art, cultural property, and intellectual property law. Experienced in both state and federal courts, Gabrielle has been involved in multi-million dollar commercial disputes involving art, intellectual property, and insurance-related issues. She has also represented claimants seeking restitution of stolen art and antiquities. In her commercial practice, Gabrielle represents collectors, artists, and other art market participants in various transactions involving artwork, including purchase agreements, consignment agreements, advisory agreements, and loan agreements.

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November 10, 2023

Inside Art Law: Art Restitution, Stolen Art, & AI

According to the Georgetown Law Library, Art Law can be defined as “the body of law, involving numerous disciplines, that protects, regulates and facilitates the creation, use and marketing of art. Those...