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Forrest Treat

Forrest Treat

Forrest Treat is a Senior Attorney in the Competition Law Group at Microsoft, and is antitrust counsel to Microsoft’s Cloud & Enterprise Group and Microsoft Retail Stores. Mr. Treat has over 10 years of antitrust law experience, and has represented clients in regulatory inquiries and enforcement actions in numerous competition law jurisdictions and civil actions in the United States federal courts (trial and appellate). Mr. Treat has also counseled clients on a wide variety of antitrust issues involving global commerce and competition law regimes around the world. Mr. Treat joined Microsoft in 2012. Prior to that, he was an associate in the Washington, DC offices of Shearman & Sterling and DLA Piper.

Guest Appearances
June 5, 2018

ABA Section of Antitrust Law: Advice from Prominent In-House Counsel

Suzanne Wachsstock, Forrest Treat, and Gail Levine talk about their experience and education leading up to their current roles and advice for students and lawyers entering the field.