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Evyatar Ben Artzi

Evyatar Ben Artzi

Evyatar Ben Artzi is cofounder and CEO of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) company He worked in Israeli courts at the High Court of Justice in administrative law and administration. Artzi seeks to harness his legal and technological experience to improve legal systems and societies, empowering people to make better decisions and become the authors of their own story. Artzi has assumed leadership roles in the collaborative and dynamic teams, whether as a combat officer in the IDF, a clerk at the Israeli Supreme Court, as cofounder of Yahav – a progressive education program – or as cofounder & CEO at Darrow, using AI to unearth the legal implications of real-world events. He earned his bachelor’s degree at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and he is a captain in reserve in the Israeli military.

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September 26, 2023

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