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Eva Bruch

Eva Bruch

Since 2012, Eva Bruch has traveled constantly to the United States, Canada, and England to attend congresses on trends, technology, and innovation in the legal sector. She has had the opportunity to meet the founders of the most innovative legal technology companies in the use of artificial intelligence as well as several of the most advanced firms in the use of these technologies, many of them considered the benchmarks in new business models in the legal profession. The result of these trips has forged personal and professional ties with renowned international consultants to the legal sector, many of which have been speakers at the Legal Management Forum held in Madrid since 2014, an event co-organized by the association Inkietos of which is a member and Wolters Kluwer . Eva is among the co-authors of the book “NewLaw New Rules. A conversation about the future of the legal services industry “ by George Beaton, the first book to discuss new business models, trends and the paradigm shift in the legal sector. Eva’s job is to help professional organizations transform their traditional practices into service companies by encouraging innovation and also the incorporation of technology. In recent years he has worked for law firms and legal departments of companies, in several cases in collaboration with relevant international technology companies in the legal sector. Before working as a consultant, she practiced law for more than ten years. Eva Bruch is an attorney with a degree in Law, a Ph.D. in Legal Marketing from the UAB and an MBA from EADA.

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May 16, 2018

Facing the Challenges of the Global Legal Industry

Mark Cohen and Eva Bruch talk about what’s broken within the legal industry around the world.