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Erinn Peet Lukes

Erinn Peet Lukes

Singer, songwriter, guitarist, and teacher, Erinn Peet Lukes (“EPL”) formed the Denver-based band Thunder and Rain in 2013, with whom she toured the US, UK, and Ireland. After seven years, COVID brought that chapter to a close, and Erinn relocated to Nashville to develop her career as a solo artist.  Check out Erinn’s work with Thunder and Rain and her latest solo work at the links below, buy an album or two, and stream her work on your favorite streaming service.


Guest Appearances
February 15, 2022

Delegating Law Firm Workflows; and “Live From the Playroom” with Erinn Peet Lukes!

Jared’s got tons of workflow pointers for busy lawyers, and, for something entirely different, he welcomes musical guest Erinn Peet Lukes for some talk and tunes.