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Ellen Lawton

Ellen Lawton

Ellen Lawton, JD is a Principal Investigator and Lead Research Scientist at the George Washington University where she co-leads the University’s National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership in the Department of Health Policy and Management.

An expert in poverty law generally, Ms. Lawton is a lead editor of the 2011 textbook, Poverty, Health & Law: Readings from Medical-Legal Partnership. Ms. Lawton is internationally recognized for her leadership in developing the medical-legal partnership approach, and has published an array of articles describing this work in both clinical and legal journals.

Ms. Lawton received the 2011 Innovations in Legal Services Award from the National Legal Aid and Defender Association, is chair of the board of directors at Health Imperatives and is a member of the board of directors of Community Resources for Justice. She also serves on the national advisory committee for the Primary Care Leadership Program.

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