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Elan Fields

Elan Fields

Elan is a traveler, a problem-solver, and a thinker. He recently moved to NYC to launch his startup, Gideon, a mission-driven legal technology company that leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to help lawyers modernize their legal practices, enabling them to operate at their highest quality and capacity and ensure clients get accurate and personalized care. Elan has investigated issues regarding access to justice in the civil legal system as a Watson Scholar and StartingBloc Fellow since early 2016. Before this, he worked as a Fellow on Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign. He has successfully bootstrapped a buy-sell-trade automotive business, organized a cross country tour promoting sustainable fuels, traveled around the globe immersing himself in divergent communities and cultures, and volunteered with impact focused initiatives.

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July 18, 2017

How Millennials View the Legal Industry

Drew Rossow and Elan Fields discuss their millennial perspective of the legal industry.