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Edna Selan Epstein

Edna Selan Epstein

Edna Selan Epstein lives in Chicago, Illinois. She has handled a wide variety of litigated matters, including employment discrimination, pension fraud class actions, medical and legal malpractice, and business torts. Epstein has also represented defendants in criminal cases in the United States District Court. Epstein has taught courses in trial practice and negotiations at NITA, the University of Chicago Law School and IIT-Kent Law School. She has been on any number of panels dealing with a wide range of legal issues and has written articles on various areas of the law.

Epstein is the author of the Attorney-Client Privilege and Work Product Doctrine, which has been in print since 1982.  The 6th edition is published in 2017.

Guest Appearances
June 2, 2021

Attorney Client Privilege with Edna Epstein

Tune in to hear how it’s developed over the years and what you can extract for future litigation.