Dr. Michael Shahnasarian

Dr. Michael Shahnasarian

Dr. Michael Shahnasarian, PhD. is a psychologist based in Tampa, Florida.

After completing undergraduate studies in psychology at Indiana University, Dr. Shahnasarian earned a master’s degree in clinical psychology at Texas A & M University and a doctorate in counseling psychology at Florida State University. He also completed postdoctoral residency work at Florida State University and the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.

Dr. Shahnasarian holds the following specialty credentials: Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Certified Vocational Evaluator, Certified Life Care Planner, International Psychometric Evaluation Certification, Nationally Certified Counselor (Emeritus), and Nationally Certified Career Counselor (Emeritus). He is also a licensed psychologist.

In 1986, Dr. Shahnasarian founded Career Consultants of America, Inc., (CCA) a private practice specializing in areas that include forensic analyses, specifically related to vocational and life care plan expert testimony. During the past 35 years, CCA has evaluated evidence across five continents contributing to the resolution of more than 5,000 litigated cases. Dr. Shahnasarian’s expertise in vocational and life care plan assessment has led to his retention domestically and internationally as a vocational and life care plan expert witness across 5 decades.

The author of 13 books and approximately 70 peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, and monographs, Dr. Shahnasarian’s publications are widely cited, and expert witnesses worldwide have been applying methods and techniques he developed. His work has also benefitted others with an interest in adjudicating damages claims – including judges and other triers of fact, lawyers, insurance adjusters, and people with disabilities. Beyond his published works, Dr. Shahnasarian has served on nine editorial boards publishing periodicals related to rehabilitation subject matter, and he has also been a guest editor.

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